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Bechtel-Shell say that Vallejo should host their LNG facility and gas plant in order to help with California's alleged energy crisis. We are told we are selfish NIMBYs (Not In My Back Yard) because we don't want their project in our community. Why is it selfish to be concerned about our health, safety, property and families? Vallejo is already surrounded by oil refineries and power plants in Rodeo, Martinez, Richmond and Benicia and has the highest asthma rate in the state of California. Our community shouldn't have to shoulder any more of the burden to provide California's energy needs.

Other Communities Have Said “No” to LNG!

Other communities have said “no” to these kinds of plants in their front yards, and have even had the support of their local and national elected officials…

Radio Island, North Carolina
Defeated due to safety, environmental and damaging effects to tourism.

Howe Sound, British Columbia
Defeated due to community blight and vapor cloud research by Quest Consultants showing an LNG vapor cloud could reach the town’s population 2.5 miles away.

Liberty Township, Ohio
Aquila, an energy company from Missouri, cited the economy in dropping plans for a $133 million natural-gas-fired generating plant near Baltimore, about 25 miles southeast of Columbus. Millersport resident Kathy Wollard believed more than just tough economics contributed to Aquila’s actions. “Despite what Aquila said, I believe that the overwhelming popular opposition in both townships, and its tenacity and persistence, undoubtedly played a role in their ‘Let’s just forget it’ decision,” she said. “The company knew they would be facing continuing legal challenges all the way through the siting process.”

An additional quote that VallejoCPR just received via email:

"We here in Liberty Township won our battle! SO IT CAN BE DONE. Just keep the pressure on EVERYONE you can...nice people get these kind of plants! Let us know if we can help."

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