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Why Bechtel-Shell are Targeting Our Community...

Placement of hazardous and polluting plants in communities is referred to by the industry as "LULUs" (Locally Undesireable Land Uses). LULUs are not about the ideal physical location of a plant, but rather the ideal community to target for such a project -- working-class communities with little history of social activism who won't be able to put up a fight. According to industry manuals, these "ideal communities" are marked by low voter turnout, low income, lack of past social or political activism, lower education levels, and many elderly, long-term residents (more than 20 years). It is no coincidence that out of all possible locations for their project, Bechtel-Shell have targeted Vallejo, a city still recovering from the Navy's closure of the Mare Island Naval Shipyard in 1996 and vulnerable to promises of big money and big projects.

More about Bechtel-Shell's worldwide practice of targeting vulnerable communities.

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