The Downwinders are people who would be located downwind of the proposed Shell/Bechtel LNG Terminal and associated power plant. They communicate via newsletter and email and are participating in all activities in the fight against this unwanted invasion into Solano County.

The Downwinders do not want an increased level of ANY pollution in Solano County which already has amongst the highest rates of Asthma in California regardless of what report you read. Solano County and the surrounding waterways are already beyond their fare share of refineries and other highly industrial plants and polluters.

We are against:

- The proposed power plant regardless of how many megawatts.
- The LNG Terminal and associated tankers, tugs, dredgers, helicopters and whatever else will add even more pollutants.

We are for:

- Renewable energy sources such as solar or wind power.
- Increased levels of coordination and communication within the county. This should NOT just be Vallejo's decision. There are approximately 250,000+ residents of the county that are impacted. We should all make this decision together.