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Myths & Facts

Don't Listen to the Bechtel/Shell Myths...Get the Facts!

Bechtel-Shell want you to think this project would be good for Vallejo and good for Vallejo citizens. But in trying to win you over, they are stretching the truth and only providing you with a fraction of the information you need to know to make a decision that will affect your families' health and safety.

B-S claim their gas plant would be the best way to generate money and bring new business to Vallejo.Focusing on safe and healthy development will bring worthwhile businesses to Vallejo that do not risk our health, quality of life, safety, property values or our beautiful city. Any new business on Mare Island will generate tax dollars for the city -- it doesn't have to be a heavy or toxic industry.
Citizens for LNG Feasibility Study is a concerned community group. Citizens for LNG Feasibility Study is a group actually orchestrated and funded by Bechtel-Shell in an attempt to create the illusion of local support to counter the groundswell of legitimate, grassroots community opposition.
B-S claim Vallejoans could get 1,000 temporary construction jobs and 100 new permanent jobs from the plants. What these corporations don't like to say is that most of the 1,000 jobs will go to union members from outside of Vallejo, and will last less than three years. The 100 permanent jobs will go to highly skilled, trained professionals. This is no blue collar operation. This is no training ground for our youth. Most of us can't qualify for these jobs! We want businesses that offer reliable, safe, long-term employment for our citizens.
B-S claim that the availability of reliable, economic energy in Vallejo will attract more businesses to the city. Vallejo businesses and residents will receive no cost break on energy from Bechtel/Shell. According to the Calif. Independent System Operator, all energy generated at the gas plant would go directly to the California power grid. We would have to purchase power generated on Mare Island at fair market value, just like every other Californian. The corporations cannot offer "energy incentives" for businesses to choose Vallejo over other California cities.
B-S claim their feasibility study is in the interest of Vallejo's citizens. Bechtel/Shell's feasibility study will only determine what's best for them. Our interests were represented by the Vallejoans who worked for years on the Mare Island Reuse Plan. The site Bechtel/Shell now wants for its gas plant was designated in the Reuse Plan as a regional park for our families to enjoy for years to come.

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