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In his Dec. 15 letter, Dick Benne claims that the opposition's concerns to the LNG gas plant proposition can only be addressed by allowing the feasibility study to go forward.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Mr. Benne and anyone who believes that the feasibility study will give Vallejo the facts this city needs to make an informed choice has been seriously misled by the Bechtel/Shell propaganda.

First of all, Bechtel/ Shell have already said that a feasibility study will be proprietary -- in other words, it will be their property. Their study would give Bechtel/Shell facts about how profitable an LNG gas plant on Mare Island would be for them. And, because they will own any study results, they will have no obligation to share any of it with Vallejo.

Bechtel/Shell will not study the effect an LNG gas plant will have on Vallejo. They will not study what effect it will have on our infrastructure -- what effect the heavy trucks traveling through Vallejo will have on our roads. They will not study what additional insurance liabilities the city of Vallejo will have to bear, or increased costs related to security beyond the perimeter of an LNG gas plant. They will not study increased costs for specialized fire fighting personnel and equipment. They will not study the lost revenue resulting from lowered property taxes. They will not study the lost business opportunities resulting from folks not wanting to locate in a refinery town. And, they will not study additional insurance liabilities that individual homeowners and businesses will have to bear and the effects of lowered property values on the community as a whole.

When all the additional burdens that an LNG gas plant would place on the city of Vallejo and its citizens are added up, it is possible that they will negate any revenue increases that Bechtel/Shell claim will result from it.

Folks opposed to the LNG plant have been studying these issues, and these issues combined with what bad neighbors Bechtel/Shell have made all over the world -- in communities that they operate, as far away as Russia, Nigeria and Bolivia and as close as Martinez -- have led a majority of Vallejoans to make an informed decision to oppose an LNG gas plant in Vallejo. Vallejo doesn't need their feasibility study. We already know that Vallejo deserves better.

Katy Miessner


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